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Visa Guidance from King's Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Visa is a document that permits you to travel to other countries and also it defines your status in that country. Mainly there are two types of visas you need to apply to travel to a country.


They are:

1. Immigrant Visa, and
2. Non-Immigrant Visa


The immigrant visa is for people who want to migrate to a country and settle down permanently in that country. Non-immigrant visa is to travel to a country for a temporary stay such as for a visit, business purpose, study etc. You have to come back to your own country once the specified period of your stay mentioned in your non-immigrant visa is over. For study in a country you need Student Visa.


Most international students are not sufficiently prepared for the visa documentation and visa interview. Even with good grades, high scores and an offer of financial aid, many students fail in the visa interview. There are several reasons behind these failures out of which improper visa documentation and poor presentation skills in the visa interview at the consulate office play major role for rejection.


Visa guidance division of King's Institute works very systematically to help you get your visa. The process to prepare you for your day at the consulate office is divided into two major chunks.


a. Preparation for your visa documentation; and
b. Training for the visa interview.


Preparation for Your Visa Documentation


Visa documentation is quite dependent on the university or college you select and the expenditure you need to bear for your study in the country of your choice. There are several documents needed to be arranged, collected and prepared for visa documentation. It includes:

  1. Evidences of admission to the institution (admission confirmation letter),

  2. Financial documents to prove your affordability for the entire expenditure pertaining to course fee, living expenses (food, accommodation, health, insurance, transportation, communication and entertainment etc.)

The following documents need to be submitted at the visa office for Visa Application:

  • Visa application form

  • Appropriate Visa fees

  • Passport (Minimum six month valid)

  • Academic transcripts and certificates

  • Standardized Test Score TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/GRE/GMAT Tests

  • Scholarships and awards secured, if any

  • Experience Letter

  • Financial Documents (These documents will vary from case to case)

  • Bank Balance Certificate

  • Bank Statement/Transaction, Bank Passbook (if applicable)

  • Income Source

  • Property Valuation

  • Chartered Accountant's Report

  • Salary Certificate

  • Income Tax Statement

  • Rental Agreement, if any

  • Fixed Deposit Certificate

  • Loan Approval Letter

  • Insurance and other Bonds, Shares, Deposit Certifications

Visa documentation division of King's Institute is operated by finance experts and liaisoning officers who work very closely with the chartered accountants and chartered engineers of students of their sponsors to give exact requirements of the respective consulate offices where students apply for their visa. Our experts coordinate with all the necessary parties like Bankers, Financial Advisors etc.



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