Training for the Visa Interview

King's Institute conduct visa interviews with students with the regular questions asked at the Consulate.


Except some countries like UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Cyprus etc. few of the countries have visa interview sessions and its very important for the students to be confident and fluent in the interview sessions as many students having sufficient documents also get rejected due to the improper communication skills and poor presentation of their documents.


King's Institute arranges special training session where its experts are engaged for the improvement of communication and presentation skills of our students. The training program imparts communication skills, presentation skills and interview skills. We arrange visa interviews with a duplication set of your documents where our visa experts ask you all sorts of regular and irregular questions which are asked by the visa officers in the consulate offices. We want to ensure that a student looks confident about the financial and academic evidence he/she is producing before the visa officer, he/she is clear about the plans pertaining to the study in the particular university/college and the country they have selected.


Following are some of the regular questions asked at the visa interview and we make our students reply these questions confidently:


Q. What is the purpose of your visit?
Q. Why are you leaving Nepal?
Q. Why particularly this university?
Q. What are your future plans after this education?
Q. Why will you return to Nepal?


Following questions are asked based on your admission to the university/college. You must go through the details in your Admission Letter.


Q. What is the name of the college/university you are going to?
Q. Where is this located?
Q. Which program are you enrolled for?
Q. Why did you select this program?
Q. What is the length of your program?
Q. What are the expenses involved for your trip?
Q. How did you apply to the college?
Q. How many universities did you apply for?


The following questions are asked based on your financial documents


Q. Who is going to bear all the expenses and How?
Q. Your father does service, how will he afford your education?
Q. What is the cost of your course?
Q. How many members depend on this income?
Q. How many brothers and sisters do you have?


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