Language Classes

The English language is, of course, the most useful language in the world today. It has often been said that English is one of the easiest languages to speak badly but one of the hardest languages to speak well. At King's we take a very practical approach to improving your level of English as quickly and effectively as possible. By focusing on each aspect of the language such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking, and then integrating these skills, we are able to help our students advance quickly.

Basic Level

The focus of the Basic level course is to give students who have little or no background in English the skill they need to communicate in simple English. This course is also suitable for a review to those who have some training in English but have not used it for some time.

Duration: 8 weeks Course fee: Rs. 3000/- (INCLUDING VAT)

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level course is best for those who have a basic command of English and wish to improve to a higher level of fluency. In this course we go beyond the simple aspects of the language and focus on thinking in English instead of thinking in Nepali and translating.

Duration: 8 weeks Course fee: Rs. 3000/- (INCLUDING VAT)

Advanced Level

For those who are already quite good at English but want to take their skills to the very highest level we offer our Advanced Level course. Students learn how to advance their vocabulary, use idioms properly, and to express complex thoughts in English. Students who complete this level will be well-prepared to communicate clearly in professional settings.

Duration: 8 weeks Course fee: Rs. 4000/- (INCLUDING VAT)

Public Speaking

Many education or work situations require people to speak publicly or to give presentations. Our Public Speaking course teaches students to improve their spoke English and it also concentrates in the technical and psychological aspects of communicating in front of a group of people. Students learn to use their words, their voices, and their body language to communicate most effectively.

Duration: 4 weeks Course fee: Rs. 3500/- (INCLUDING VAT)

Visa Interview Preparation

The final and most frustrating part of applying for a U.S. visa is the required interview at the U.S. Embassy. Our Visa Interview Preparation course teaches the skills you need to get through the visa interview successfully. We prepare you for the type of questions the embassy asks and teach you to avoid the many tricks and traps they use to catch visa applicants off guard. We will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to answer honestly and effectively.

Duration: 2 weeks Course fee: Rs. 4000/- (INCLUDING VAT)


Japanese is the official language of the country Japan, Japanese is that the language is not as hard to learn as it may seem at first. It is composition of three types of characters used called Hiragana, Katakana and Khanji. Typical Japanese words are written in Hiragana, Katakana is used for derived words. Khanji are the Chinese characters used in Japan. But we cannot ignore the Roman characters as well to write the words from different languages as they are. as in other languages choice of words, phrases and idioms do play vital role in effective expression.

Duration: 3 months Course fee: 10000/- (INCLUDING VAT) 

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